Spartronics Vietnam | Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Spartronics Vietnam is leading contract manufacturing in Southeast Asia.

As the medical device market is facing a need for alternative options for their manufacturing locations, Spartronics offers a 20-year historical presence in Vietnam. With our custom, newly built, 270,000 sq. ft. manufacturing site, we’ll bring our skilled workforce and our proven quality management system to the forefront of global medical device manufacturing. In addition to this increase in capacity, Spartronics leadership has prepared this team for the growth and onboarding of large programs.

The Vietnam team offers a four-hour customer response 24 hours a day. As the global electronics market conditions strive to reset and balance out for 2023, our supply chain team continues to work transparently both locally in Vietnam and globally to reduce our lead times and improve costs. Our Spartronics leadership team continues to make investments both in our systems, and our tools to help our team be a successful piece of the puzzle.