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Supply Chain

Ensure On-Time Delivery and Control Parts Costs

On-time delivery of advanced electrical and electromechanical products from contract manufacturers requires efficient supply chain planning and management tools. Spartronics provides value to our OEM partners by consistently meeting timelines and budgets through management of the supply chain.

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Tap Into a Global Supply Network

We work with hundreds of suppliers around the world to reduce lead times and secure hard-to-find parts and materials. Spartronics reduces manufacturing challenges and enhances your abilities to plan production schedules and manage costs. We leverage our network of suppliers to ensure availability of materials, control pricing, and mitigate risks.

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Partnership Drives Efficiency and Lowers Risks

Our team of manufacturing and supply chain specialists works alongside your team, utilizing analytical tools and Design for Supply Chain (DSC) methods to produce a comprehensive supply chain solution that includes:

  • Component engineering
  • Preferred supplier agreements
  • Risk analysis
  • Supplier audits

Leverage Our Supply Chain Expertise

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