Spartronics Logan Focuses on Paying it Forward

Spartronics Logan is collaborating with the Opportunity Foundation of America to contract manufacture a life changing assistive technology l device for the children and adults with severe special needs

OFOA develops lifechanging equipment and software for children and adults with special needs.

Spartronics Logan values the importance of giving back to the community and local non-profits that truly need a helping hand. Since 2013, the Logan facility has worked closely with Opportunity Foundation of America (OFOA) to contract manufacture an assistive technology device known as EagleEyes, a device that can improve the lives of thousands of Americans. OFOA is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for children and adults with profound physical challenges through impactful technology. With a passion for giving back, Spartronics Logan is proud to be working with such a powerful foundation.

Spartronics Logan Gives Back

Over the last nine years, Spartronics Logan has worked closely with OFOA to build units that support powerful technology that help children and adults with severe special needs. In doing so, Spartronics Logan has built each piece at just the cost of materials. This means all labor and consumables are always donated since the facility began working with the foundation.

Angie Smith has led the program from the beginning and says working on the program has been incredibly rewarding. "It's been such a rewarding feeling to be a part of something that gives back so much. OFOA helps people with severe special needs live as comfortably as possible, and it's great to be a part of that," says Smith. Throughout the years, Smith has even worked with suppliers to have components donated for this project. Spartronics Logan manufactures around 26 EagleEyes systems every 1-2 years. Procurement has already begun for next year's donation, while production is slated to start between the end of Q1 – Q2 of next year.

OFOA Devices and Technology

From innovative eye-controlled technology to a tool that helps educators develop curriculum for students regardless of their ability – OFOA develops life changing technology for those who need it most. Their current line of products consists of the following:

EagleEyes: This technology helps individuals who have little to no muscular control but do have control of their eye movement. It acts as a mouse replacement system to enable communication and learning primarily for individuals with congenital severe special needs. Spartronics Logan is currently manufacturers this device.

Camera Mouse: Camera Mouse is a software program that enables people with significant disabilities to use the computer for communication using limited head movement. It allows the user to control the mouse with simple head movements rather than their hands.

Herbi Speaks: This software allows parents and educators to create customized material for students with special needs by creating symbol and word-accessible curriculum to help meet their needs.

Spartronics is proud to collaborate with a foundation that delivers such powerful solutions to a community of individuals with special needs. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. For more information on Spartronics' contract manufacturing abilities, please visit Spartronics Contract Manufacturing | Spartronics.